Choose your preferred Teams download location after the next update

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  • Tired of seeing all the files you receive from Teams go to the same default Downloads folder?
  • Well, know that all of that is about to change after the next Microsoft Teams update.
  • Users will be able to choose their preferred download location for their app.


Recently, the ultra-popular Teams app officially became available on the Microsoft Store, making it even more accessible by eliminating the need to visit a separate website to get it.

The conferencing app has also received a steady stream of tweaks and new features, making it a user favorite and further widening the gap between the competition.

And, just when you thought the Redmond behemoth was taking a break from improving Teams, know that another cool feature is on its way.

We can choose our Teams download folder with the next update

We are sure you would like to know, according to the Microsoft 365 roadmapMicrosoft recently added a new entry for a highly requested feature.

Soon we will be able to set our preferred download location for all the files we download through the Teams app.

For now, Teams files go straight to the default Downloads Windows operating system folder.

However, that will change shortly, much to the delight of the ever-growing Teams user community.

After the following update, Windows and Mac desktop app users should be able to choose any directory as their preferred download location.

Keep in mind that this change will only apply to the Teams desktop app on Windows and Mac. The web version will continue to respect the download location you have configured for your browser.

As you noticed in the screenshot above, the Microsoft 365 Roadmap entry indicates that this feature will be available in May.

Surely that won’t happen now, given that the month is almost over, so we’ll probably get it in early June.

Excited about his new feature coming to Teams? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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