Firefox 105 is now available for download, brings better performance on Linux systems

The Mozilla Firefox 105 web browser is now available for download ahead of its scheduled release date of September 20, 2022.

Firefox 105 was yet another attempt by Mozilla to implement the long-awaited horizontal two finger swipe gesture on Linux systems to navigate back and forth through a website without having to hold down the Alt key. Unfortunately, while the feature worked well in beta testing, it’s missing from the final release.

Instead, Linux users get more performance improvements with Firefox version 105, ensuring the web browser is less likely to run out of memory when memory is low. It also ensures that Firefox is more reliable and will perform better.

Another interesting change in Firefox 105 is a new option in the Print Preview dialog that gives you the choice to print only the current page.

Web developers get support for defining persistent scripts using scriptingas well as support for the TextDecoderStream and TextEncoderStream interfaces, which are part of the Encoding API.

Memory fixes are also present for Windows systems, and macOS users got easier touchpad scrolling by reducing unintended diagonal scrolling on the opposite axis to the intended scroll axis. I will update this article if more details are released by Mozilla on the official release date.

Mozilla plans to officially announce the release of Firefox 105 tomorrow, September 20, 2022, but if you want to download the binaries for GNU/Linux, macOS, or Windows systems now, you can do so from Mozilla’s FTP server.

Last updated 8 hours ago

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