Halo Infinite Co-op Beta: How to Play, Download, Sign Up, and Start Date

While Halo Infinite’s campaign was widely praised by fans and critics, most gamers were disappointed to learn that the game did not support cooperative play (local Where online) when it launches in late 2021. At the time, developer 343 Industries promised co-op would come to the game at a later date. Now, seven months later, the studio has revealed that the beloved feature is set to arrive in Halo Infinite in August 2022.

Ahead of the upcoming release of the co-op campaign, the developers have launched a “trial flight” beta for it. Here’s everything you need to know about the co-op beta, including how you can play it, how to sign up, when the beta will release and end, and more.

What is the Halo Infinite Co-op Beta?

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The Halo Infinite Co-op Beta is, much like previous Halo Infinite betas, a test for the game’s next feature. By “delivering” a working version of campaign co-op to a select group of players, 343 Industries can identify and fix bugs, issues, and other issues that might have ended up in the co-op release build without the data gathered from the beta release.

Up to four players can play the Halo Infinite campaign together using co-op during the beta. This includes the game’s main story missions as well as its open world, although in the latter each player will have to stay within 1,000 feet of each other or they will be killed for “going away”. “. Note that when the feature officially releases, all campaign progress made in co-op will be shared, giving fans the option to partially complete the game with friends and then continue their journey solo (or vice versa). Players will also be able to find collectibles such as Spartan Cores, Audio Logs, and Skulls together, as Halo Infinite will unlock these items for everyone in a co-op session whenever a player discovers and activates them. However, progress made during the beta will not carry over to the full game.

Halo Infinite’s co-op beta has arrived on both Xbox and PC, as has the rest of the game’s content. Cross-play between the two ecosystems is fully supported, allowing players to take on the Banished together, regardless of the chosen platform.

Does the Halo Infinite co-op beta have split-screen?

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With 343 Industries planning to add campaign co-op to Halo Infinite in 2022, many players have wondered if the co-op beta, as well as the feature’s official release, will include local split-screen co-op.

Unfortunately, the co-op beta as well as the co-op feature coming this year is exclusively network-based. This means that while you can play co-op with friends online, you won’t be able to play with them on the couch with an Xbox console.

This news will undoubtedly disappoint many fans, especially since Bonnie Ross, head of 343 Industries, promised that split-screen would be in the next Halo game after Halo 5: Guardians during a Presentation of the DICE Summit 2017. The studio Is intend to deliver on that promise, as the Halo Infinite Season 2 roadmap also indicates that the split-screen co-op campaign will arrive sometime in 2023.

Therefore, we anticipate that a co-op beta to test split-screen will take place. ultimately, although split-screen is not available for the initial co-op beta and release. It’s a shame it’s coming so late, but at least we know for sure it’s coming.

Does the Halo Infinite co-op beta have Mission Replay?

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While the lack of split-screen in the Halo Infinite co-op beta is unfortunate, players will at least be happy to know that a feature called Mission Replay is being tested alongside the core co-op experience during the co-op beta. Mission Replay allows fans to replay Halo Infinite story missions at any time via the TacMap. Halo Infinite was the first Halo game in history that didn’t allow players to replay missions without starting a new game at launch, so it’s great to see the feature finally start to make its way to the game.

In addition to being able to simply replay campaign missions, players also have the option to keep saved checkpoints at two different levels, allowing them to move back and forth without losing progress. This aspect of Mission Replay will work in both single-player and co-op.

Interestingly, players retain any gear upgrades they unlocked when replaying a level. This will give them the ability to use new strategies in the early missions of the campaign that wouldn’t otherwise be available, as many pieces of gear and upgrades in Halo Infinite can’t be unlocked until much later in the game.

How to play the Halo Infinite co-op beta

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The Halo Infinite Campaign Beta Is Available For everything Xbox players as long as they already own the Halo Infinite campaign, but to have a chance to play the Halo Infinite co-op beta on PC via Steam, you must have signed up for the Halo Insider program. This program was launched by Microsoft and 343 Industries in 2018 as the “MCC Insider Program” to test updates and fixes for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and after being renamed it was reused in 2021 to beta test Halo Infinite multiplayer experiences. Like Xbox and Microsoft Store players, Steam users also need the retail version of the Halo Infinite campaign in order to participate in the beta. The game can be obtained by purchasing it outright or by having an active Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Signing up for the Halo Insider program is completely free, so there’s really no reason why you should not Register. That said, 343 Industries has confirmed that it’s too late to access it if you haven’t signed up before the beta went live, so signing up now won’t give you the chance to access the beta. current.

If you did sign up before the beta launches, chances are you’ve been invited to participate. To check, look on the Halo Waypoint Website and keep an eye out for a notification on your profile that confirms your flight invitation and tells you how to access it.

343 Industries has confirmed that the co-op beta works like previous Halo Infinite beta tests, which means Xbox players will need to download the Xbox Insider Hub app (opens in a new tab) to get there. PC players using Steam, meanwhile, will be able to access the beta via a game code provided by the developers on the Halo Insider Active Flights Page. Be sure to check out the official Xbox Setup Instructions and Steam Installation Instructions for more information.

How to sign up for the Halo Infinite co-op beta

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Again, if you’re an Xbox gamer and already own the Halo Infinite campaign, 343 Industries has confirmed that you don’t need to sign up for the beta and can immediately download the build from the Xbox Insider Hub (this doesn’t work. it doesn’t hurt, as future betas may require Xbox players to be registered). However, PC gamers do must register for the Halo Insider program.

As we mentioned before, the developers have confirmed that it’s too late to join the first co-op beta if you haven’t already signed up, but you should still do so in case there’s a release. split-screen co-op beta. line. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Halo Insider Home Page.
  2. Select the Join Halo Insider button.
  3. Connect with the Microsoft account you use to play Halo Infinite.
  4. Read and accept the Confidentiality declaration.
  5. Under the Preferences tab, Enter and verify your email address, time zone, flight availability, and platform and game preferences.
  6. Under the Flight tab of the console, opt for console thefts and enter information about your console if you play on Xbox.
  7. Under the Flighting PC tab, opt for PC flights and enter information on your PC if playing on PC.
  8. After completing each tab, select Save.

Note that to give yourself the best chance of being invited to future co-op campaign betas, you should make sure to select “Campaign”, “Co-op Campaign”, and “Social Multiplayer” when choosing your game mode and your experience preferences. in the Preferences tab.

Halo Infinite Co-op Beta Start Date and Time

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The cooperative beta has gone live July 15, 2022 – just weeks before the studio launches network co-op in live play. According to the developers, the beta will run until August 1, 2022 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m.giving players two full weeks to play the beta, have fun with their friends, and report any issues they encounter or encounter to Halo Support.

Halo Infinite is available now, and its excellent campaign makes it one of the best xbox shooters play if you like rich single-player experiences. Multiplayer is also totally free if you want to get into Halo Infinite’s PvP experiences.

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