How to Access and Download iCloud Photos from Your PC

iCloud account helps to sync all Apple devices and transfer files seamlessly. The iCloud account can also be used to access content from your Windows PC. Also Read – Google’s “Switch to Android iOS” App Could Probably Allow Direct Import from iCloud to Google Photos

All you have to do is open the iCloud website or iCloud utility for Windows and follow a few simple steps. If you want to download or backup all photos from iCloud to PC for later use, here is a step-by-step guide you can check. Also Read – iPhone Holi Trade-In Offer: How to Get iPhone 13, iPhone 12 for Price as Low as Rs 32,000

How to Access iCloud Photos from PC

-Open iCloud website on your Windows PC, log in to using your Apple ID. Be sure to enter the same Apple IDs you use for your iCloud Photo Library. Also Read – Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming is getting better on iPhone and iPad

-Click on the “Photos” icon. And it will load your iCloud Photo Library.

-You will be able to see all your photos from all your iCloud-enabled devices once the Photos section loads.

-If you have tons of photos in iCloud and want to save them all, press and hold Shift + Ctrl + Alt and press the down arrow key to select the entire catalog from iCloud .

-Once selected, click the Download icon next to the Delete option to begin the process of downloading all iCloud photos to your computer.

-If you haven’t changed the default settings, all iCloud photos will be downloaded to the “Downloads” folder on your PC.

You can also download the iCloud installer for Windows. Upon installation, your iCloud photos will be synced to a special folder on your computer. It will basically help you access photos like any other file on your PC.

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