How to Activate and Download Twitch VODs

There are many reasons to download your Twitch videos, such as keeping backup copies offline or uploading them to different streaming platforms. Twitch allows you to easily download past shows from the VOD (Video on Demand) archives of your Twitch account.

But before you can do that, you need to configure Twitch to save your videos after you finish streaming them. So, in this tutorial, you’ll learn what you need to do to enable video on demand for your creator account and then download broadcasts to your desktop or mobile device.

Enable video on demand on Twitch

You can enable Video on Demand (VOD) in Twitch through your Twitch Streamer Dashboard, but this is only possible if you’re using a web browser. You cannot use Twitch’s desktop or mobile apps to enable VOD.

1. Type in the address bar of any web browser on Mac or PC to visit the Twitch website. If you only have access to an iPhone or Android smartphone, be sure to activate the desktop version of the site through the browser menu after loading it.

2. Log into your Twitch account.

3. Select your Twitch profile icon in the upper right corner of the browser tab. Then choose the Creator Dashboard option from the drop-down menu.

4. Select Settings in the Twitch sidebar to access your channel settings. Then select Flow.

5. Scroll to VOD Settings section and activate the switch next to Store past broadcasts. Doing this will also activate Always Publish VODs– turn it off if you don’t want Twitch to post shows without your permission or exclude specific VOD categories using the Exclude categories listing.

To note: Twitch will only store your videos for 14 days. However, if you are a Twitch Partner or a Twitch Prime or Turbo user, you can store your videos for 60 days. Make sure to upload your videos before they expire.

Download videos on Windows and macOS

Now that you’ve enabled video on demand, you can start recording your live streaming sessions immediately after you finish them. However, Twitch only provides native VOD download support on desktop browsers for Mac and PC.

To note: Although you can load in desktop mode on iPhone and Android, you will not be able to download VODs. Use a third-party Twitch downloader instead (more on that below).

1. Open the Twitch web app on your Mac or PC.

2. Select your Twitch avatar in the upper right corner of the screen and choose Video producer.

3. Set the video filter to Past broadcasts.

4. Select the After icon (three dots) next to the Twitch stream you want to download.

5. Select the To download button.

Point: If you want to upload a stream to YouTube, you can do it directly without downloading the video to your computer. Just select the Export from the drop-down menu, sign in with your YouTube accountand choose To download.

6. Wait for Twitch to prepare and download the video to your computer.

The download time of a video depends on its length and the speed of your internet connection. Check your browser’s download manager or that of your Mac or PC Downloads folder for the video file afterwards.

Download videos on Android and iOS

The Twitch app for Android and iOS does not offer an option to download Twitch VODs. The desktop version of the Twitch web app also doesn’t allow you to do this.

However, you can grab the URL of a Twitch VOD using the mobile app and download it using (third-party web downloader for iPhone) or Video Downloader for Twitch (third-party app for Android ).

Get Twitch VOD URL

1. Open Twitch on your iPhone or Android.

2. Tap your profile portrait and select My chain.

3. Proceed to Videos tongue. Next, choose a video from your previous streams and tap the icon Share icon.

4. Press Share to > Copy (iPhone) or Copy link (Android).

Download Twitch VODs on iOS

1. Open Safari and visit

2. Long press the URL field and select Dough to enter the Twitch VOD URL. Then press Tp submit.

3. Choose a download format and resolution, specify a start and end time for the video (or leave the default settings intact to download the entire video), then tap Download the video.

4. Press To download in the Safari pop-up window to save the video to your iPhone.

5. Open the Safari menu and tap Downloads to display the Safari download manager.

6. Watch the progress of the download or press the Magnifying glass icon to visit your iPhone Downloads case.

To note: downloads videos as MP4 files by default. If you’re having trouble watching them using the native Photos app, try using a third-party media player like VLC player Instead.

Download Twitch VODs on Android

1. Open the Google Play Store. Then find and install Video Downloader for Twitch.

2. Paste the Twitch VOD address in the URL field and press To download.

3. Enter a file name. Then specify the start and end times or leave the default settings intact to download the entire video.

4. Press To download.

5. Monitor Download Progress and Check Your Android Downloads folder for the video file.

Downloading Twitch Videos from Other Channels

Twitch does not condone downloading past video streams from other channels. But if you just want to save a video for offline viewing and don’t intend to re-upload it anywhere else, use the following tools to save any Twitch VOD to your desktop or device. mobile.

computer: Twitch Leecher is an open-source Twitch VOD downloader for Windows. Install Twitch Leecher via GitHub and search for downloadable VODs directly from the app itself.

mac: The most convenient way to download Twitch videos from other channels is to use a web downloader such as Right-click on a VOD, select Copy link addressthen paste the URL into to start downloading.

iPhone & android: Just like with your own Twitch VODs, just use or Video Downloader for Twitch to download past shows from other Twitch channels. Just use the Share option when viewing a video to capture its URL.

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