How to Change Streaming and Download Sound Quality on Spotify 2022

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Check How to Change Streaming and Download Sound Quality on Spotify

By default, Spotify automatically adjusts the music quality when you stream songs. This default music quality setting is recommended for most Spotify users, but some audiophiles may wish to manually adjust the quality of streaming music on Spotify to lower or higher depending on their preference. As you will see, it is quite easy to make changes to Spotify music quality on iPhone, iPad or Android. The higher the music quality setting, the better the music will be, but at the cost of higher bandwidth and data usage. The lower the music quality setting, the worse the music will sound, but with much lower bandwidth and data usage.

Although Spotify usually tries to set the correct streaming quality automatically, you can manually set it yourself. This will force Spotify to use higher quality for some devices, especially if you are using Spotify with good audio devices. On Windows, you need to click the three-dot menu button in the Spotify app, then select Edit > Preferences to access the menu.

How to Change Music Streaming Quality on Spotify

Here is how you can manually adjust the music streaming quality settings on Spotify, this is done from iOS but the settings are the same on Android:

  • Open the Spotify app and navigate to “Your Library”.
  • Tap the “Settings” button in the corner, it looks like a gear icon.
  • Choose “Music Quality”
  • Select the music streaming quality you want to use:
    • Automatic (recommended): Default setting automatically adjusts music quality based on bandwidth availability and other considerations
    • Low – equivalent to 24 kbps
    • Normal – 96 kbps
    • High: 160 kbps
    • Very High: 320 kbps
  • Get back to listening to Spotify as usual with the new music quality settings.

You can also turn off “Auto Quality Adjustment” to play music in your preferred quality whether your bandwidth handles it smoothly or not. However, please note that this may interrupt your listening session, especially if you have a slow internet connection.

Final Words: How to Edit Streaming and Download Sound Quality on Spotify

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