How to Convert, Download and Edit Media Files Using HitPaw Video Converter

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If you need to download a video from YouTube to incorporate into your productions, you should try using HitPaw Video Converter to turn everything into usable clips.

People embarking on a career in content creation need to make their videos as entertaining and informative as possible. While you can count on creating a lot more footage on your own, sometimes it’s better to use what others have made.

This is especially true for videos where you’re demonstrating concepts or answering a topic. In such cases, it may be better to use a clip that someone else has already produced and released than to create your own from scratch.

The concept is often used online, with fair use rules in laws around the world generally allowing the use of copyrighted material for a variety of purposes. If the rules of your country allow it, you can also do it.

The problem then becomes securing images from YouTube, which is not easy as there is no obvious “upload video” button to use.

Not just a YouTube video converter – Convert any video and audio to any format you want

HitPaw Video Converter for Mac and Windows is mainly a YouTube video downloader, in that you can download videos from YouTube to your desktop. After that, the app is a YouTube video converter that can convert YouTube video to MP4, a more usable format for editing tools.

This powerful video converter also works as a YouTube to WAV converter, YouTube to MP3 converter, etc. if you need to extract audio from YouTube video.

Overall, HitPaw Video Converter can convert 1000+ video and audio formats so you can enjoy videos on any device and platform, such as MOV to MP4, MP4 to MP3, convert H.265 to H.264, convert video/audio to play on mobile, TV, social networks, etc. What makes it even more unique is its 90x faster lossless conversion.

Download videos from 10,000+ popular websites with super fast speed

While YouTube is the main focus of video makers, HitPaw Video Converter is not just a YouTube video downloader. The software can download media from over 10,000 popular websites, often with a single click.

You can convert YouTube video to MP4, but you can also do the same for videos from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Vimeo.

Downloads can include audio services, so it’s more than a YouTube to MP3 or YouTube to WAV converter. It can even secure thumbnails and subtitles from online services if needed.

If there are a lot of clips to download, like anything from an account before it was deleted, the Windows version offers a bulk channel and playlist download feature. The macOS version of the app will receive the feature in a future update.

Easy video editing to cut or merge videos without quality loss

Not only can HitPaw Video Converter help you download the videos, but it can also be used to make edits. This can be handy for making initial edits to clips before incorporating them into a video project.

Tools include cutting out unwanted parts of a video, merging videos, cropping and rotating, speed changes, and various filters and effects. There’s also an option to add a watermark to the footage, which can be especially handy for clips you own and re-download.

To help you get the perfect edits, the video converter does it with lossless acceleration, converting 90 times faster without compromising on quality. With GPU acceleration, it can convert 90x faster and even handles 10x acceleration for CPU conversion only when GPU conversions are not available.

The process of using HitPaw Video Converter to download is simple and is pretty much the same whether you want to download video, thumbnail, subtitles or audio.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 with HitPaw Video Converter

  • Download HitPaw Video Converter. Go to HitPaw website and free download HitPaw Video Converter on Mac or Windows.
  • Launch HitPaw Video Converter and click To download.
  • Copy your browser’s video link and dough the URL in HitPaw Video Converter.
  • Select the MP3 Format you desire.
  • Click on To download. There is also support for downloading entire playlists from YouTube. For other media types, all you have to do is select a different option, such as MP4 or JPG.

Securing video footage to bolster your productions has not been an easy task in the past. With HitPaw Video Converter, the process is simplified, making it easier for anyone to get started with video editing.

Whether you need a video converter for MP4 or MP3 files, it’s worth taking a look at HitPaw Video Converter.

HitPaw Video Converter costs $19.95 for a one-month subscription, with an annual subscription available for $39.95 and a lifetime subscription for $69.95.

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