How to Download and Install Android Apps from Google Play Store

Google Play Store has a variety of content for Android devices and today we are going to show you how to download and install Android apps from it. Yes! The procedure is quite simple and we will not complicate it in any way.

To be mentioned, we are not covering Google Play Instant apps in this scenario, so we will only offer you the traditional way to get your desired apps from the Google Play Store.

Also, you can go to Google Play Store to check the apps on the web version, but you will need to have an Android device to download and install the apps on your smartphone or any other platform. Also, Windows and Mac users will not be able to use Android apps on their devices (except Windows 11).

Let’s dive into the instructions.

First, you need to find the Play Store app and tap the icon to launch it. Or open the Google Play store (web link).

Now go to the top search bar and enter the name of the app or game or the content you want to search on the Play Store.

As you type the app name, you will be prompted to suggest apps related to your keywords as well as auto-complete, you can tap the auto-complete text to go directly to the application.

If you can’t find your app name in the autocomplete, type the name completely and hit the search button.

Details page:

Select your app and it will lead to a details page, where you need to press the big “Install” button to begin the download process.

Note: After pressing the download button, you may have to wait depending on the size of the Android app/game and the speed of your internet connection.

Once downloaded, you will see two buttons – Uninstall or Open. You can tap Open to launch the app in-place.

Or, you can find it in the app drawer section to launch it anytime as it is now installed on your Android device.

download apps google play store


You can check the Google Play Store Data Security section of the app by scrolling down to check what data the app or game will collect from your device, after installation.

Paid apps:

Google Play Store has the largest app library of all mobile app ecosystems. However, not all content is free on the platform. Hence, you will also find apps with price tags which means that they are paid apps and you will have to pay the price listed to get them on your Android device.

download apps google play store

If you proceed to download a paid application, you should know two things.

First, you will need to save the payment option/credentials to your Gmail account, before proceeding to the selected app. If you have already set up your payment option, you will be directly prompted for the payment procedure, which only takes two steps.

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