How to download and install Qubes OS as a VM

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Check how to download and install the Qubes operating system as a virtual machine

Qube OS is a shelf-based desktop operating system with isolated security. These compartments are called qubes. These qube make Qube OS so safe that any successful attack is limited to a single qube and does not affect the entire system. In Qube OS, you can have as many qubes as you want. The most popular is the qube application, which is intended to run software such as word processors, web browsers, etc. Each of these qube is based on a model which is a different type of qube. Multiple qubes can be based on a model, but they do not have the ability to modify the model in any way.

Install Qube OS as a virtual machine

In order to install Qube OS, make sure your system meets the following requirements.

  • X86_64 architecture (64 bits)
  • 4 GB and more memory
  • Storage space greater than 35 GB

Create bootable media (physical machine installation)

Download your preferred version of Qube OS from the official Qube OS download page. After the Qube OS ISO file is downloaded, create a boot disk for installing the physical machine using one of the following methods. Here are some methods for Linux, Windows, and macOS systems:

  • Ventoy – This is one of the best Linux based tools used to create bootable discs. Create a bootable disk using the guide on how to create bootable media with Ventoy
  • Rufus – This is a Windows and macOS based tool for turning a disk ion into a bootable device.
  • WoeUSB for Linux. Learn more about using this tool in the guide: How to Create Bootable Media with WoeUSB.
  • Etcher Tool – For macOS users, as shown in the guide on making a bootable disc with Etcher.

For Linux users, there is another easy way to create a bootable floppy disk from the terminal.

# Identify the USB device $ sudo lsblk

# Flash Qube OS on USB stick $ sudo dd bs = 4M if =. / of = / dev / sdx status = progress oflag = sync

In the code above, replace / dev / sdx with the path of your USB drive identified with the lsblk command and ./ with the path of your downloaded Qube OS ISO file.

Create Qubes OS VM – in a virtualized environment

If you want to run Qube OS in a virtual machine, i.e. using Xen-ng, Vmware, VirtualBox, you will be asked to create a virtual machine that meets the requirements of the Qube OS system.


  • In VirtualBox, create a virtual machine for Qube OS by clicking on “new” and assigning a virtual machine name.
  • Set the memory size for the virtual machine.
  • Proceed with the creation of the disk, click on “Create a virtual hard disk now”.
  • Assign the disk size keeping in mind that the recommended disk space is 37 GB.

Now that your Qube OSVM is created, the next step requires us to mount the Qube OS ISO file on the VM.

  • Go to the settings of the created virtual machine >> Storage. Click on the disk icon next to the secondary IDE device and upload your ISO file.
  • Then activate nested virtualization on the created virtual machine. From your host machine’s terminal, run.
  • Now at this point your machine is ready for installing Qube OS.


In VMware, create a virtual machine for installing the Qube operating system by following the steps below:

  • Click New to create a new Qube OS virtual machine.
  • Then upload the ISO file by clicking on Browse and upload the Qube OS ISO file.
  • Select the type of operating system for Qube OS.
  • Give the new virtual machine a name.
  • Create and set a disk size for the Qube OS virtual machine (greater than 37 GB).
  • That’s it! Your Qube OS virtual machine will be ready for installation.

Final words: How to download and install the Qubes operating system as a virtual machine

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