How to Use Steam’s Proton to Play Windows Games on Linux 2022

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Check How to Use Steam’s Proton to Play Windows Games on Linux

Did you know that you can run many Windows games on Linux? Thanks to Valve and the incredibly talented community, gaming on Linux is now viable and gives gamers a choice of operating systems. Getting Steam to work on Ubuntu with Proton is an incredibly simple process. We will be using Ubuntu as the distro to install Steam as it is the most popular option to date. This guide should also apply to related distributions, including Linux Mint.

You can install Steam through the Ubuntu Software Store app, but I still recommend using the terminal if possible to learn more about Linux. Steam Play uses Proton, so with Steam installed, all you have to do is click “Install” and the client will download all the necessary files. You may need to clear your library filter, which may exclude any games that aren’t natively supported by Linux. Even with the best graphics card, you need to make sure Ubuntu is using the latest drivers available.

How to Use Steam’s Proton to Play Windows Games on Linux

Activation of protons

  • Launch the Steam app from the app menu.
  • In the top left corner of the app, click Steam, then Settings.
  • In the sidebar, find and click Steam Play.
  • Click Enable Steam Play for supported titles and Enable Steam Play for all other title options.

Now that Steam Play is enabled, you can start playing Windows games on Linux. Choose a game from your Steam library and click Install. If you haven’t purchased any games on Steam, here’s a list of the top ten Windows AAA games you can play on Linux. Once the installation is complete, click play to launch the game and start playing.

Can you install non-steam games using Proton?

The short answer is, yes, you can. The Steam app lets you add non-Steam games to the library. All you have to do is open Steam > Add Game (bottom left corner of the app) > Add Non-Steam Game > Navigate to your game’s .exe file > Add Selected Programs. If your game is on Epic Games Launcher or Ubisoft Connect, you can use Wine with any Wine interface (Lutris or Play on Linux) to install their respective launchers and games.

If the games don’t work, try running them with Proton. Follow the same method mentioned in the previous paragraph. Games with anti-cheat mechanisms like BattlEye and EAC do not work at this time. Valve, however, is working with the developers of these anti-cheat programs and has promised that by the time the Steam Deck is released, nearly 100% of games on Steam will be playable.

Final Words: How to Use Steam’s Proton to Play Windows Games on Linux

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