Intel’s Windows Unison app lets you text and send files from any phone

When it comes to a complete solution for texting and sharing files between your phone and your Windows computer, there is none. Intel aims to solve this problem with a new Windows app called Unison that will be able to send texts and share files to and from your Android or iPhone device.

Integration between computers and phones has always been hit or miss, with Apple’s ecosystem merging the two very well on iOS and macOS. As for Windows, the most recent version of the popular system incorporates a new app called Phone Link, which allows Android users to connect their devices and share photos or even send text messages. Although it’s not as seamless as iOS, it does the job.

Now it looks like Intel is trying to find a solution with the upcoming Unison app for some PCs. announced todayIntel has been hard at work on its phone integration tool that “seamlessly connects” your computer and phone, whether it’s running Android or iOS. Unison will be the first official product supporting Android and iOS devices.

The new Unison app on Intel Windows machines will be able to manage several key functions from your phone. First, he will be able to send text messages from your phone to a recipient. This will be especially useful for iPhone users who want to send messages from their Windows machines.

This comes along with taking and initiating calls from your Intel PC. This one is a little simpler, but incredibly useful. The current Phone Link app allows this as a key feature, although the feature is currently in “preview”.

The biggest – and most exciting – feature is file transfer. According to Unison, fast file transfer will be offered between phones and computers. Now, the exciting part about this is that the process isn’t just limited to photos in your gallery app; instead, you’ll also be able to easily send files from your PC to your phone. This is something that Windows users have yet to see on their devices.

Unison will start rolling out to a few 12th Gen Evo PCs. We’ll soon see Unison on PCs from Acer, HP, and Lenovo starting this fall. Early next year, 13th Gen Evo systems will also see the program. There’s no concrete word from Unison on existing or older hardware, so we’ll likely only see this new Windows integration with Android and iPhone on a limited number of new Intel PCs.

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