Microsoft is committed to improving the Windows App Store with gamers in mind

Many PC gamers avoid the Microsoft Store (aka Windows Store), and for good reason: it often doesn’t support overlays and other commonly used features, and it’s buggy compared to a platform like Steam. Luckily, Microsoft just might feel their pain. In a conversation At X018, Xbox head Phil Spencer said he “heard the feedback” about the store and pledged to make it “suitable for gamers who we know want to see the best” of the game. society. He didn’t elaborate on what those changes were, but he promised to play a “greater leadership role” at the store.

The statements come shortly after Spencer spoke about the redesign of the Xbox app for Windows 10, which itself is limited. It cannot directly handle updating the game like Steam can, for example.

Spencer’s promise is, to some extent, a commentary on the Microsoft Store as a whole. Microsoft tried to steer Windows users to the Store by releasing software exclusively through the channel and even temporarily offering a version of Windows that could only run Store apps, but developers and users didn’t flock. to the portal given its restrictions. Why publish a game in the Store that can’t do as much as it would elsewhere? This is a recognition that having an official store is not enough – it must also offer features that appeal to both developers and users.

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