Microsoft unifies OneNote into a single Windows app


Microsoft has been discussing – and testing – the idea of ​​merging its OneNote apps on Windows into a single version. Well, now it appears to be happening as the Microsoft Store now only hosts one OneNote app.

Previously, users could choose between the OneNote Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app or the standard Win32 app. It looks like Microsoft finally merged the two while changing the visuals.

“OneNote for Windows 10 will no longer be available in the Microsoft Store”, explains the company in a blog post. “It will continue to work, but it will not get new feature updates and will reach end of support in October 2025.”

Microsoft changed the ribbon to a single line to make the user interface simpler. This is the same ribbon Microsoft debuted a new Windows 11-centric design for OneNote earlier this year.

Full screen mode

This week, Microsoft released a new touch update for OneNote on Windows. Known as Stylus-focused view, the tool allows taking notes with a digital pen without any distractions. Essentially, in these situations, Microsoft OneNote will now automatically switch to a full-page view.

In this mode, the app will display important tools that facilitate pen notes, such as custom pens, colors, and more. However, users can choose to hide the pen toolbar when in Pen Focused View mode. There’s a toggle for that in the top right corner.

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