Reddit finally has a Windows app, but it’s just a PWA

Today, Reddit launched an official app for Windows through the Microsoft Store. While you can already access the platform through your web browser, this app makes it a bit more convenient to find. However, if you were expecting something tailor-made for Windows users, you’re out of luck. The Reddit app for Windows is simply a Progressive Web App (PWA), which means it’s like the website.

When you launch the Reddit app, it actually opens like a normal app would. You see the icon on the taskbar, a title bar, and whatever else you’d expect. However, this is just a custom Microsoft Edge window opening the Reddit website. In fact, after installing the app, you will find a Reddit app in Microsoft Edge itself. The whole experience is just the Reddit website.

Windows 11 community on Reddit

You also don’t need to use the Microsoft Store to enjoy this experience. You can also install Reddit PWA on Windows through Edge itself, using the icon that appears in the address bar.

To many users, this might seem like an unnecessary version, but it’s part of Microsoft’s strategy for the Microsoft Store. The company wants this to be the one-stop-shop for all of your apps, and they’re opening up the platform to do just that. Not only are PWAs and all kinds of apps allowed, but developers can also bring their own monetization tools and keep all income from distributed apps on the Microsoft Store.

You can use the browser to find these apps, but making them all available through the Microsoft Store can be more convenient for many. PWAs like this are low effort projects, but that’s part of the appeal for developers as well. This can expand the audience of Reddit users without having a significant additional cost. And for Microsoft, it could potentially get more users to notice the Microsoft Store. Hopefully, if the Reddit PWA gains traction, more can be done to flesh out the experience to feel more native to Windows.

You can download the Reddit app from the Microsoft Store if you want to try it out for yourself.

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