Running Windows games on Stadia could be possible in the future

It looks like Google is working on getting Windows games to work on Stadia, reports The Verge. A post on the r/Stadia subreddit details some information about a panel from Google’s upcoming Google For Games Developer Summit.

While the summit will revolve around many different gaming-related topics, this one in particular focuses on Stadia. It’s titled “How to write a Windows emulator for Linux from scratch?” and directly mentions running Windows games on Stadia.

Specifically, the panel’s description says it’s a detailed look at the technology behind Google’s solution for running unmodified Windows games on the service. This solution is probably a way to make it easier for developers to bring their games to the Stadia platform.

Google could use the compatibility layer to get Windows games on Stadia

Based on the information in the panel description, Google has developed an emulator that allows Windows games to run unmodified on its cloud gaming service.

If that sounds a bit like what Valve is doing with the Steam Deck, that’s probably because it is. The Steam Deck runs on the Linux-based Steam operating system and uses the Proton compatibility layer to run unmodified Windows games. There is much more than that of course. But that’s the simple breakdown.

Google could have done the same here. Builds its own compatibility layer that allows you to play unmodified Windows games. This would open up a lot of possibilities for newly added titles. And the developers would likely have a lot less work to do to get the games to work, because they might not need to port the games outright like they were.

Of course, this could all be far from basic. But if not, Google might be able to get a lot more games on Stadia. And that in the long run would be a very good thing for Stadia subscribers. As that would mean more content to make games worth playing on the platform.

Google’s Game Developer Summit takes place on March 15, which is Tuesday next week. So it won’t be long before more information about what’s going on comes to light.

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