Sometimes less is more – ASCOMP releases Windows PDF-Compress software for compressing PDF files

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March 22, 2022

LEONBERG, Germany, March 22, 2022 ( –
Anyone who sends a lot of PDF files knows this problem: the document is compiled for transmission and the email is written, but suddenly it says “The attachment is too large and cannot be sent”.

Compressing a PDF file can be a time-consuming and expensive task. Well, not anymore, thanks to new Windows software from ASCOMP Software, Germany. PDF-compress allows private users and companies to easily reduce the size of large PDF files so that they can be transmitted easily without loss of quality.

PDF-compress makes compression easy

Whether you’re working with a presentation, magazine, or product catalog, PDF-compress provides a fast, easy, and reliable way to compress your PDF files. Thanks to an intuitive program interface and a number of useful tools, no prior knowledge is required to optimize a wide range of PDF files so that they do not take up more storage space than is absolutely necessary.

Depending on the structure and content of the files, the result may be only a fraction of the original file size. For this, the software uses various approaches. For example, images in the document can be compressed without reducing quality using special optimization technology (MRC), and blank pages and annotations can be removed from the PDF structure. As an option, the image quality can be reduced on several levels and an optimization for web display can be performed.

“PDF is a format that is as widely used as it is universally applicable. The “right” size depends on the intended use. With PDF-compress, PDFs can be easily optimized and compressed so that they fulfill their respective purpose,” says Andreas Stroebel, Managing Director of ASCOMP Software.

With PDF-compress, the software maker releases a simple, elegant and holistic solution for compressing PDF files – making it possible to reliably share, send and download previously too large files.

The software supports all common Microsoft operating systems from Windows 7 and can be downloaded from as a 14-day trial version. The paid version ($24.90) can be used indefinitely and also includes technical support.

Source: ASCOMP Software

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