Spark now has a Windows app, more updates that include new tools

For some 1.4 billion users of messaging app Spark, a growing fan base since its Android debut in 2019, its latest round of updates including a Windows app promised a boost in productivity.

The developers behind Spark, considered by many to be one of the best messaging apps, have touted the latest updates could help people prioritize their to-do list and stay focused.

Launch new features

The latest batch of updates introduces some new features to Spark. One of them is the introduction of a smart inbox.

android font listing some of these cool features of a smart inbox:

  • It prioritized unread emails against the backdrop of notifications and newsletters.

  • It grouped emails by sender giving an easy to read “Instant Message” thread. A user can either mute or play this.

  • It can convert emails into tasks for users “to do” type, which allows to tick a message if they have completed the tasks. They can also put tasks aside temporarily and come back to them later.

  • Its priority email can highlight recipients by placing unread replies at the top of the inbox. These unread replies will appear as notifications on the desktop once the welcome screen is activated.

  • It allows desktop users to easily access custom shortcuts via Ctrl+K or Cmd+K hotkey.

Users with attachments larger than 25MB need not worry. Spark has included in this latest batch of updates its own cloud infrastructure so that its users can send large files.

New foundations: intuitive productivity versus productivity

Readdle co-founder Alex Tyagulsky explained the vision behind the new Spark.

In his blog, Tyagulsky said“We live in an age of information and communication overload, with significant pressure to ‘do more’ or ‘learn more’.”

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And current tools in other messaging apps have done nothing new to make people in the workplace aware of the situation amid this overload, he observed.

Current apps, which Tyagulsky called intuitive productivity, are “natural but very inefficient and stressful in the long run.”

He said the new Spark updates provide a new way of doing things amidst the plethora of information so users can be more productive than before.

The premise of the new updates is to abandon intuitive productivity for intentional productivity.

With new apps, users need to think before they start doing things.

“You spend more time and energy planning and prioritizing, but you produce more results and feel happier in the long run,” he said.

Spark’s multitude of improvements come at a price

Having said it all, this last quantity of updates has a price.

New features like priority email, mute threads, grouping by sender, large attachment support, and home screen for desktop are only available in Spark Premium.

Subscribers either have to pay $8 per month or pay $60 for the whole year.

Existing users, however, can take advantage of a 30% discount on annual subscriptions.

Old features are still available for free.

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