Steam Deck update fixes issues with major Windows games

The Steam Deck is designed to run games made for PC but through Valve’s Steam Storefront. It also lets you install your favorite games on the device, making it more than just a portable console.

Unfortunately, this complicates things because Windows is not the official Steam Deck operating system. A previous update for Steam Deck negatively impacted games running through Windows installations.

Although Valve does not officially support the Windows operating system or dual boot Windows with SteamOS, it still tries to ensure that games that use Windows still run smoothly on the Steam Deck.

Valve also plans to support dual boot with the release of SteamOS 3. Indeed, the main selling point of the Steam Deck is that it supports Windows installs and games, including the huge number of titles included with the Xbox Game Pass.

To their credit, valve has now fixed the issues with a new update. Valve designer Lawrence Yang has confirmed that a new APU driver update for Windows has been released.

The intention of the update, according to Yang, is to address issues from previous updates (whether from Windows or the Steam Deck) that had impacted the quality of some Windows gaming experiences on Steam. Deck, especially Halo Infinity as it was the only game Yang mentioned. in the tweet.

Valve wants Windows games to run on its Steam Deck and wants Steam Deck developers to make it happen. We can’t forget that the Steam Deck was just released in February this month, and this is its first release with hopefully more to come.

If you wanted to check if your favorite game was available to play on the Steam Bridge, you can check out all verified games here.

So if you wanted to try out the Steam Deck but were disappointed with how it performed in some Windows games, there’s a lot more to come from this exciting portable device.

Don’t have a PC controller? Steam Deck has a rather costly rescue!

About Steam

Steam is a digital video game distribution service by Valve Softwares. It was launched as a standalone software client in September 2003 for Valve to provide automatic updates for its games and later expanded to include games from third-party publishers. Steam also serves as an online and mobile digital storefront.

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