Steam Deck update fixes issues with major Windows games

Few people would say that the steam bridge is a very exciting device. In its simplest form, the Steam Deck is designed to run games released for PC through Valve’s Steam storefront. But the Steam Deck is more than just a portable Steam device, it’s designed to be opened up so owners can install whatever they like on the device. Unfortunately, it also complicates things, such as the impact of a relatively recent Steam Deck update on games, including Infinite Halo running through Windows installations.


If the Steam Deck was offered by another company, that would be the end of the story. After all, Windows isn’t the official Steam Deck operating system, so why would Valve make an effort to ensure that Windows games run efficiently on the Steam Deck? That’s not Valve’s approach, though. The Steam Deck supporting Windows installs and Windows games, including Xbox Game Pass titles, is a major selling point and is just plain cool, in general. As such, Valve has now released an update helping to fix the issues it previously introduced.

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Valve designer Lawrence Yang has confirmed that a new APU driver update for Windows has been released. The intention of the update, according to Yang, is to address issues from previous updates (either Windows or Steam Deck) that had impacted the quality of some Windows gaming experiences on Steam Deck. . The only game that Yang specifically mentions is Infinite Halobut the issues likely impacted a wide range of Windows titles when running on Steam Deck.

To be clear, Valve does not officially support Windows installations on Steam Deck, nor does it officially endorse dual booting Windows alongside the Steam Deck operating system. Valve plans to support dual boot with the release of SteamOS 3, but not all current dual boot methods are supported. Steam Deck users running Windows on their Steam Decks are on their own.

Although Valve doesn’t officially offer “Windows on Deck” support, that doesn’t mean the company is hostile to it. Valve clearly wants Windows games to run as smoothly as possible on Steam Deck and is willing to allow Steam Deck developers to use their time to make that happen. That doesn’t mean Windows will be solidly supported, as evidenced by these issues occurring in the first place, but it’s still an exciting direction for the portable platform.

It’s also important to remember that this is the very first iteration of the Steam Deck console. Also, the Steam Deck has only been available for several months and hasn’t even reached everyone who wants to order one. The future of the Steam Deck is unwritten and its potential unrealized. Windows support has only just been tested, but in two or ten years, who knows what steam bridge could mean for portable PC games.

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