Windows 11 lets you download more Android apps. here’s how

Windows 11, The latest operating system from Microsoftdeployed one of its most expected features, Android Apps for PC, in February. The Amazon Appstore preview in the Microsoft Store – where you can download Android apps – now lets you explore more than 20,000 apps and games, according to Microsoft.

Accessing Android apps for PC with Windows 11 has a few Hardware requirements, including at least 8 GB of RAM, an SSD drive and a supported processor. Here’s how to view the Amazon Appstore preview:

1. Open the Microsoft Store (make sure it’s up to date by opening the store and clicking Get Updates > Library).
2. Find your favorite apps or games.
3. Download them through the Amazon Appstore.

“These apps feel like they’re part of Windows, seamlessly integrating with Windows typing and windowing experiences, like Instant layouts“Microsoft chief product officer Panos Panay said in a statement in February.

Along with the Amazon Appstore preview, Microsoft rolled out improvements to the taskbar. The improved taskbar added the ability to share windows from open apps, weather reports, a clock on your second monitor, and mute/unmute features to make video calling easier. There are also revamped versions of the venerable Media Player and Notepad apps.

Microsoft rolled out Windows 11 in phases, but Windows 10 support will remain in place a few more years (see CNET’s Comparison of Windows 10 and Windows 11). If you are still using Windows 10, you can use Android apps on your PC if you are a Samsung Galaxy owner.

To find out more, see how to know if your device will work on windows 10 and our favorite Windows 11 features so far.

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