Windows Software Repair Tool will help you fix Windows 10 issues

There is a tool available at Microsoft this will help you to troubleshoot Windows 10 issues and problems. Called the Windows Software Repair Tool it is available as a standalone application from Microsoft servers and will automate the task of executing a few commands.

Software Repair Tool for Windows 10

When you download the tool, run the executable file. You will be asked to accept the license conditions.

The one you check I have read and accept the license agreement box, click on the Perform analysis and correction button. You will then see the following screen.

Windows Software Repair Tool

Once you click the button, the tool will perform the following Windows troubleshooting tasks, which are usually the most suggested fixes for most Windows issues:

  1. Create a system restore point
  2. Repair system components and detect corrupted files. It will run the system file checker
  3. Date and time of the resynchronization system
  4. Reset system settings
  5. Reinstall system apps
  6. Run the DISM tool to restore component store health, restore system health, repair system corruption.
  7. Update your system using Windows Update
  8. Complete the end-of-job jobs and restart your computer.

The tool appears to have been released for Surface devices but works on all Windows 10 PCs. The digital signature has a timestamp of August 9, 2016, and the tool shows the Date modified as on 08/20/2016 – so it looks like it was released / updated recently.

REMARK: You can download the softwarerepairtool.exe Microsoft file by clicking here. [This was the link but it appears to have been taken down now by Microsoft]

TRICK: Windows 10 users may want to download FixWin10 for Windows 10. It automates these fixes and lets you fix issues with one click!

If the tool does not help you or if you do not like the changes it has made, you have the option to revert to the created system restore point.

Windows Software Repair Tool

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