Xbox Series X will be able to run Windows games

The Xbox Series X may be able to play Windows games available in the Microsoft Store. According to the Italian site Game-Experience, Microsoft’s console is equipped with a feature called Windows Mode. This would allow the X series to run a special version of Windows 10.

The next Xbox will undoubtedly be the star of E3 2020, since its main rival will be absent. Indeed, Sony has decided to present the PS5 away from the Los Angeles event. While waiting for the show to take place from June 9 to 11, 2020, information about the Xbox Series X is being announced by Microsoft.

The Redmond company, for example, has confirmed that the Xbox Series X will offer full backward compatibility. It will cover all generations of Xbox, from the first Xbox to the One. This means that players will be able to find their entire Xbox game library on the Series X. However, according to a rumor relayed by our colleagues from the Gaming-Experience site, Microsoft has also planned something for PC players.

Xbox Series X: A Potentially Huge Catalog of Windows Games

According to the site, the Series X would be able to run Windows games available on the Microsoft Store. This is possible thanks to a new feature called “Windows Mode”. Concretely, this mode would allow the console to run under a special version of Windows 10. It will be able to launch Windows games and applications. It’s unclear if this mode literally turns the Series X into a PC or if it just offers the ability to play Windows games.

Besides, Gaming experience specifies that players could launch certain stores and launchers such as Steam or the Epic Games Store directly on their Xbox Series X in order to access their game collection. But this part seems unlikely, in the sense that Microsoft would have no interest in opening its console to competing stores. In any case, if this information were true, the owners of the Series X could benefit from a catalog of consequent games. They will have access to very good PC exclusives like the next Age of Empires 4 for example.

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