Xbox Windows app now tells you if games will work well on your PC

The Windows Xbox app is getting more and more useful – and at the end of 2021, Microsoft just added a cool new feature.

If you are playing on consoles, there is no doubt that a game will work or not. (Save for a few high-profile examples.) It’s trickier on PC, with countless permutations of GPUs, CPUs, RAMs, different hard drives and hard drive technologies, driver variants, and more.

So, to make your life easier, the Xbox app – which gamers will use to access Xbox Game Pass titles on PC – provides performance monitoring. The functionality is limited to a few games at this time, but when it works, gamers may see a label that says “should play fine on this PC”.

Image: Saeed Wazir / Dot Esports

The feature has yet to be officially announced by Microsoft, and most games at this point warn that the performance checker is not available.

Image: Saeed Wazir / Dot Esports

At this time, tips are only visible to users who are registered with the Xbox Insider program. If you want to join, you can via the Xbox Insider icon in the upper right corner of the Xbox app and following the instructions. Players can also download the Xbox Insider Hub directly from the Microsoft site.

Image: Saeed Wazir / Dot Esports

While many PC gamers know their system well enough, not everyone knows the ins and outs of their platform to understand whether a game will perform well or not. And while the feature doesn’t provide useful details on what exactly great performance means, it should be useful for casual gamers.

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