You can play over 2,600 Windows games on Linux through Steam Play

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In late August, Valve announced a new version of Steam Play for Linux that included Proton, a WINE fork that has made many Windows games, including newer ones, such as Witcher 3, Dark Souls 3 and Dishonored, playable on Linux. Barely two months later, ProtonDB says there are over 2,600 Windows games that users can play on Linux, and the number is growing rapidly every day.

The proton library continues to expand

When Valve Software launched Steam Play with Proton, it made it easier for gamers to play Windows games that had not yet been ported to Linux with the click of a button.

Not all games run perfectly on Linux, but this is also often the case with Windows 10, which cannot play older games as well as previous versions of Windows, even in compatibility mode.

In just two months, the database of games running Proton has grown to over 2,600, more than half of the 5,000 native Linux games available for purchase through the Steam store.

Before long, there should be more Proton-compatible Windows games that can be played through Steam than native Linux games that were officially ported to Linux by the original developers.

Valve planning

Valve Software has been one of the leading companies to encourage game developers to port their Windows PC games not only to macOS, but also to Linux. This goal only became a priority after Valve saw warning signs that Microsoft would one day force all software developers to sell their games through the Microsoft app store, and not through third-party stores, such as Valve’s Steam store.

We may be far away until this happens, if ever. But Microsoft has taken some small steps in this direction in recent years. Some of these steps include encouraging laptop manufacturers to sell Windows 10 S laptops that only work with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, as well as giving users the option ( for now) to “secure” their machines by only running UWP apps on their full Windows 10 devices.

At the moment, this all seems optional, but if many users end up running Windows 10 S or enough third-party developers start distributing their apps and games exclusively through the Microsoft store, the company might find a reason to make UWP mandatory. for everyone. but corporate users.

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